Decrease Your Teacher Burnout, Reignite Your
Innate Creativity &
Learn How to Choose JOY
In Your Classroom and
Your Life

A One-of-a Kind Program that combines Writing, Creative Exploration, and Mindfulness to Decrease Symptoms of Teacher Burnout

What is Write to Create?

For starters, this program is
for Teachers who want to creatively unpack their teaching journey

Community is a vital part of this program…and as any teacher will tell you, no one knows the challenges teachers face more than other teachers who are facing burnout too! 

This cohort is designed for teachers to explore their creativity and their story in a safe, supportive environment with others who share their passion for educating young people.

Craft Your Mini Memoire

This is the basis of the program. Examine a defining moment in your teaching career, to redefine your “why” and get back in touch with your who you really are!

Reignite Your Innate Creativity

Every week, you will have access to a new CRE-8 workshop, designed to increase your mood and decrease your stress!

Connect with Your True Joy

Through the examination of your role in education and the expansion of your relationship with creativity and play, you will learn the life-altering process of CHOOSING JOY!

Craft Your Mini Memoir

Examine a Defining Moment in Your Teaching Career

Take a deep dive into the experiences before the burnout that have forever changed how you view the students, the profession, and yourself.

Redefine Your Why

As we go through life as educators, our “why” can change. Your mini memoir will allow you to examine how you’ve changed and redefine your “why”.

Get Back in Touch with Your “Who”

There are so many voices in the world with opinions on who teachers are and the work that they do. Often times, those voices can drown out our own. Through the process of crafting a mini memoir, you get the chance to reconnect to whose voice is most important–YOURS.

Reignite Your Innate Creativity

Creative Activities

Learn and explore activities ranging from mindful visual art techniques to fun, engaging games–guaranteed to make you smile and reconnect with your most joyful self!

Co-Working/Co-Resting Spaces

Whether you like power planning or total tranquility, beat the “Sunday Scaries” with a scheduled time to do what you need the most! Find the accountability you need to start your week off on the right foot!

Connect with Your Joy

Inject Lasting Joy into Your Life

Through the examination of your role in education and the expansion of your relationship with creativity and play, you will learn the life-altering process of CHOOSING JOY!

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I found healing in writing my story…but in telling it, I became EMPOWERED.

This Writing Journey can help you:

  • Regulate your emotions in order to gain perspective
  • Gain a Greater Sense of Confidence
  • Unpack negative thoughts about teaching
  • Diminish symptoms of teacher burnout
  • Manage anxiety
  • Work through Writers Block
  • Boost your moods and positive feelings
  • Improve Self-Awareness
  • Improve Your Memory
  • Enhance Your Sense of Well-being

**While participants will explore the healing nature of writing, this program should NOT be considered as a replacement for therapy.**

Hi! My name is Ayesis and I am proof of the
healing power of writing.

Early on, I realized the healing power of writing. As a young adult, poetry and short stories became a way for me to express and escape adversities that I faced.
My first play, Standing on the Edge, included much of these writings and was produced as a means to connect with young people by showing them that they are not alone in the things they feel and the thoughts that they have.

A Bit About My Background:

I am a multi-hyphenated artist (playwright/actress/director) and distinguished arts educator who has written and produced plays that have toured all across the US. 

But that’s just the surface.

Writing and Telling My Story

My most recent work, Sculpting Clay or How I Became Mother of Unicorns, is a one-woman show that was necessary to write as a means to my own healing. It is a coming of age story that follows my journey into education (kicking and screaming), highlighting how I fell in love with it, and shines a bright light on my struggles with secondary traumatic stress and teacher burnout. It was through the writing of this piece that I was able to confront many of the traumas I was exposed to–both my own and those of the people around me–and begin the work of healing the wounds that those traumas left behind. 

Clips from my one-woman show
Sculpting Clay or How I Became Mother of Unicorns

Write to Create

Write to Create 3-month program at the Founders Rate (Regularly $597)

Weekly access to CRE-8, cultivated arts and mindfulness workshops designed to ramp up your mood and increase your Joy (During the Write to Create program only)

Weekly Co-Working and Co-Resting Spaces (During Write to Create program only)



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These rates will increase soon to their normal prices. 

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Next Cohort Summer 2022


If you join before MIDNIGHT 12/16/21,
you’ll also receive:

BONUS CRE-8 session on December 19, 2021

Premier access to the January virtual screening of my solo show

“Sculpting Clay or How I Became Mother of Unicorns”


What Teachers are saying about Write to Create

Not only was I given a place to feel heard and a space to connect with others, she truly hears and honors your voice and guides you in how you might speak your truth. The truth is teaching is a life-changing experience and Ayesis helps you write to create the life you want.

Kyoko N.
I am amazed at how powerful this experience has been – writing, exploring, believing in the value and worth of our stories, the hour of space to work alongside others. So simple and doable in structure; yet SO incredibly powerful.

Nancy S.
I loved seeing the variety of educators in this space. We all had different stories and yet has some things in common. It reiterated the humanness in all of us.

Masha F.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will be in the sessions with me?

In an effort to help educators during these challenging times and to ensure that community is established among the participants, this cohort is for teachers only

How much of a time commitment is this program?

You can expect to spend a minimum of 1.5 hours a week in guided and independent writing sessions. If you choose to attend the bonus Co-Working/Co-Resting Spaces, you can expect to spend a MAXIMUM of 2.5 hours total a week fostering your creativity and getting back in touch with your joy.

Is this program offered for school groups?

YES! Visit this link  to schedule a strategy call!

Do I need to be a writer to join?

No prior creative writing experience is necessary! You already have what you need… lived experiences, a willingness to try new things, and a desire to use your story as a foundation for your joy! 

What if I am an introvert? Can I have a good experience with this program?

ABSOLUTELY! The cohort is kept small…and there will be break out groups inside of the already small cohort to give you an opportunity to create authentic connections. In CRE-8, you are encouraged to participate at your own comfort level.

I’m so excited! When is the first session?

The next cohort for Write to Create begins May 2022. Join the wait list now to get information and discounts!