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Providing support, guidance, and strategic planning for the emotional wellness of
School Leaders and their School Communities

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Are you hemorrhaging instructional staff?

Your brow furrows as you stare at a stack of resignation letters from teachers, each departure a painful reminder of the challenges faced in retaining instructional staff.

The weight of the situation presses heavily on your shoulders, as you grapple with the relentless demands of leading a school in a difficult environment.

The once vibrant and passionate educators are now worn down by the emotional strain of teaching, facing burnout and compassion fatigue on a daily basis. Your heart aches as you witness the toll it takes on your team, knowing that without intervention, your school’s foundation is at risk of crumbling under the weight of staff turnover.

Ready to retain those ROCKSTAR TEACHERS and reduce funds spent on the cycle of recruitment and onboarding new staff?

“What can we do so they can do this for students?

…This is the PD for that!”

Dr. M. Bond,
Middle School Principal

Do you often feel isolated with the weight of leadership?

The emotional toll of leadership is palpable…
You find yourself navigating a sea of responsibilities, challenges, and decisions, often feeling isolated in bearing the weight of your school’s success.

The constant pressure to meet expectations, make tough decisions, and maintain a positive school culture takes a toll on your emotional well-being. Moments of solitude in your leadership role can feel overwhelming, leaving you yearning for connection, empathy, and support to navigate the complex landscape of educational leadership.

The need for emotional resilience and a sense of community becomes paramount as you strive to maintain your own well-being while leading with strength and compassion.

How would it feel to have a team supporting
YOUR emotional resilience while helping to build a Community of Support on your Campus?
“It’s been invaluable…my teachers are inspired.”

Dr. G. Brown,
High School Principal

What’s included in 
ReIGNITE Mastermind and Professional Development?

9 Monthly Leadership Wellness Mastermind Calls

  • Peer-to-Peer Guidance: Gain valuable insights and strategies from fellow school leaders facing similar challenges, fostering a supportive network for sharing ideas, solutions, and best practices. 
  • Expert Coaching and Mentorship: Receive expert coaching and mentorship from seasoned educators and leadership coaches, providing personalized guidance on cultivating a positive campus culture and driving student success.
  • Continuous Learning and Growth: Engage in ongoing professional development and growth through monthly mastermind calls, staying updated with the latest trends, innovations, and strategies in educational leadership through the lens of emotional resilience.


Professional Development Training Sessions
for Instructional Staff 
3 Sessions focused on Boosting Emotional Resilience, decreasing burnout and compassion fatigue, and dynamic planning for  student engagement
  • Boosted Emotional Resilience: Equip your instructional staff with tools and techniques to enhance their emotional resilience, leading to increased job satisfaction, reduced burnout, and improved overall well-being.
  • Decreased Burnout and Compassion Fatigue: Provide practical strategies for managing stress, preventing burnout, and navigating compassion fatigue, resulting in higher staff retention and morale.
  • Dynamic Planning for Student Engagement: Empower your staff with dynamic planning strategies to boost student engagement, motivation, and academic success, creating a more vibrant and effective learning environment.


Training and National Certification in
Mental Health First Aid for your Staff!

Creating a culture of support on your campus that continues beyond the professional development!

  • Enhanced Support for Students: Up to 10 staff members will be trained in Mental Health First Aid, enabling them to recognize and respond to mental health crises among students and promoting a safe and supportive school environment.
  • Increased Mental Health Awareness: Raise awareness and reduce stigma surrounding mental health issues through comprehensive training, fostering a more compassionate and inclusive school community.
  • Professional Development and Accreditation: Providing even more professional development opportunities and national certification in Mental Health First Aid, enhancing the skills and credentials of your staff members.


Finish your Year with the
ReIGNITE Leadership Strategic Planning and Wellness Retreat

  • 4 days/3 nights ALL-INCLUSIVE Strategic Planning and Wellness Retreat for you and one other member of your leadership team
    • Includes: Food, Accommodations, Non-Alcoholic Drinks, retreat Activities, and round-trip airport transfers
    • Customized Action Plan Consultation:  This is a personalized consultation session to reflect on the data from the 2024-25 school year and further develop a clear and actionable plan for continued growth tailored to your school’s specific needs, goals, and challenges addressed during the program.
An opportunity to recharge and gain skills to support your own wellness while strategic planning for the emotional resilience of your school community
Wrap Around Support to Boost Retention, Resilience and Engagement across Your Entire Campus

What Educators Are Saying

Through this pandemic I have heard multiple times on what we should do for students– and throughout this entire period my thought has been what can we do for teachers so that they do this for the students. This was the PD for that and this was the feedback that I received from teachers already… that this was for them and they appreciated it.
Dr. MeLissia Bond
Principal, River Road Middle School
From the start, this professional development really captured the essence of why it’s so important that we engage in this work and then what we can do to protect ourselves as we go through the year engaging in this work on a daily basis. My teachers were completely inspired and are eagerly looking forward to the next session!
Dr. Gorman Brown
Principal, Charles Herbert Flowers High School
Today's professional development was outstanding! My entire team was fully engaged…They seem to be more connected with this particular presentation and with the speaker (Ayesis). So much valuable information was shared with the team that I know that will be beneficial not only to their own mental health but also be beneficial when they're working with our scholars. Thoroughly impressed!
Bridgit Lambright​
K-12 STEAM Curriculum Supervisor, Youngstown City School District

“This professional development was outstanding! My colleagues and I were completely engaged throughout. I was particularly impressed with her professionalism, knowledge of curriculum and ability to make each of us feel like rock stars!” 

Christopher Assing, Assistant Principal, Laurel High School

Inspiring, renewing, and activating! Thank you for reminding me of students and colleagues from the past who were instrumental in making me who I am today.”- Sarah Barthel

“I didn’t want the workshop to end! Ayesis’s workshop filled up my heart and soul. What a beautiful human being and educator she is. I can’t thank her enough for reconnecting me with my purpose and passion.”- Heidi Abbott

“Healing, freeing, confirming, joyful!” – Janet Van Wess

“So therapeutic and engaging!! – Margot Fitzsimmons

You don’t have to shoulder it alone.

Cultivate a community of support to help your school THRIVE

Meet your Lead Professional Development Facilitator and Mastermind Coach

My name is
LaShawnte’ “Ayesis” Clay

With over two decades in education, I’ve served as a classroom teacher, instructional coach, departmental chairperson, and curriculum specialist, crafting curricula for schools, the Maryland Department of Juvenile Services, and various arts education companies. 

Born out of personal experiences with burnout and compassion fatigue and my work as a Kaiser Permanente education facilitator, I’m on a mission to spark transformative emotional wellness support for school leaders, teachers, and students through innovative experiences like this one.

Join me on this adventure, where we dive deep into emotional wellness–rediscovering and amplifying the JOY in education together!


Most frequent questions and answers

Absolutely! The retreat is crucial to the process. It is where you will have the chance to (1) focus on recalibrating YOUR wellness, (2) get the opportunity to dive deep into the MAGIC Method training that your staff will experience, and (3) create the strategic plan for program success!

The ReIGNITE Leadership Retreat is included in the cost of the ReIGNITE program. Your accommodations, food, non-alcoholic drinks, travel support, retreat activities, and airport transfers are included. Your only out of pocket cost is your flight/transportation to the retreat. 

No. Along with the other benefits, the ReIGNITE Leadership Retreat is meant to help strengthen the bond between you and your leadership team member. Through immersive strategic planning sessions and wellness activities, you will foster a more cohesive and collaborative team dynamic.

The Retreat and Monthly Mastermind Leadership calls will be comprised of 2 leaders from at least 4 different schools.

The Mastermind Calls are specifically to address any questions or challenges that come up for you as your school goes through the ReIGNITE program. Each month, a veteran principal or district leader will be invited to share strategies and best practices for emotional wellness and school leadership. Each school will also be given an opportunity to “hot seat” an issue they may have encountered during that month.   

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