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Professional Development and Student Residencies designed to 

Create a Positive Culture of Healing and Learning in YOUR SCHOOL

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What is Sculpted Clay Productions?

Ignite Creativity and Strengthen Connections

Arts-infused professional development for teachers and residencies for students to strengthen social-emotional connections in schools.

Professional Development and Residencies

Each professional development and residency is coupled with a theatre performance as a vehicle of engagement. Together, they jumpstart true change in the social-emotional wellness and culture of your school!

Supported by Years of Classroom Experience

Born out of 20+ years of educating youth in juvenile detention facilities, public schools and private institutions.

Innovative Arts-Infused Programming for Schools


Reigniting the Educator: Professional Development

Middle/High School


Student SEL Ambassador REsidency Program



Creative Writing and Mindfulness Course for Educators

Professional Development
for Schools

Reigniting the Educator

Infusing Creativity into School Environments to Support Teacher Wellness and Ignite Student Engagement

Professional Development Series

  • Help your teachers combat compassion fatigue and lessen the affects of teacher burnout.

  • Support the Mental Wellness of Your Teachers by Reigniting their Creativity and Encouraging them to Bring their Authentic Self to the Classroom

  • Increase Student Engagement by Unleashing the Creativity of your Teaching Staff

  • Guaranteed to engage your staff!

  • Residencies For Students

    SEL Student Ambassador Residency

    An arts-integrated program designed to create teams of student leaders who are trained in CREATIVE facilitation strategies and SEL competencies.

    Engages and Empowers students to be Elements of Change on Your Campus!

    Suitable for grades 9-12.  

    Theatre Residency and SEL Ambassador Program

    Master teacher-led residency culminating in:

  • YOUR STUDENTS ON STAGE! A performance of a play, co-created by your students, with multimedia assisted talkback geared towards creating open dialogue amongst teens as well as their adults

  • Creation of The EDGE, a student-led organization that works to increase social-emotional wellness on your campus through the elevation of student voice, increasing a positive school culture, and galvanizing peers to be their best selves!

  • What are People Saying About Sculpted Clay?

    For full stats, please visit: https://www.talkadot.com/s/ayesis

    Throughout the year, teachers begin to wear out and the lack of energy and motivation impacts their effectiveness in the classroom…we have to protect our teachers’ emotional well-being and state of mind in order to ensure that we are protecting our students’ emotional well-being and state of mind. From the start, this professional development really captured the essence of why it’s so important that we engage in this work and then what we can do to protect ourselves as we go through the year engaging in this work on a daily basis. My teachers were completely inspired and are eagerly looking forward to the next session!

    –Dr. Gorman Brown, Principal, Charles H. Flowers High School

    I am a better artist and educator simply by having the opportunity to attend this professional development. She’s all that!!”

    –Cullen Waller, Music Department Chairperson

    “I didn’t want the workshop to end! Ayesis’s workshop filled up my heart and soul. What a beautiful human being and educator she is. I can’t thank her enough for reconnecting me with my purpose and passion.😊”

    –Heidi Abbott, Teacher

    “This professional development workshop during our regularly scheduled staff PD was outstanding! My colleagues and I were completely engaged throughout. I was particularly impressed with her professionalism, knowledge of curriculum and ability to make each of us feel like rock stars! You can’t go wrong working with this dynamic thinker, organizer, writer, creator, teacher, and all around artist.” 

    –Christopher Assing, Assistant Principal

    “This session reinvigorated and reconnected me to why I got into teaching, and how it can still bring me joy even with current challenges. She inspired me to take next steps in my career to continue towards positivity!”

    –Marlo Castillo, Arts Integration Resource Specialist

    “This was an awesome workshop! It gave me great tools to use for myself and that I can adapt for my students.”

    –Dahlia Holmes, NYC Teacher

    “I searched for a PD (professional development) for my teachers. Through this pandemic I have heard multiple times on what we should do for students– and throughout this entire period my thought has been what can we do for teachers so that they can do this for the students. This was the PD for that and this was the feedback that I received from teachers already… that this was for them and they appreciated it…it was everything that I thought it was going to be.” 

    Dr. M. Bond, Principal, Fox Creek Junior High School

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