The Edge

SEL Student Ambassador Program

Student Engagement. Arts-integration. Social-Emotional Learning. 

Improved School Culture.

Empower your students to co-create and sustain a thriving learning environment focused on the wellbeing of everyone in your school community

Unlike any other SEL program!

The EDGE uses creative writing, theatre, and CASEL’s Framework for social-emotional learning to create a student-led organization that works to increase SEL on your school campus. 

Built from 19 years of research and application in schools and community organizations, The Edge empowers students to help elevate the culture of their own classrooms and school communities. 

 Through the elevation of student voice, increasing a positive school culture, and galvanizing peers to be their best selves,
The EDGE is an excellent choice for your school!

Recommended for students in Grades 8-12th.

Age Appropriate Training in Social-Emotional Learning

Based in CASEL's framework, students will receive explicit instruction in each of the competencies

Arts Residency

Led by a Master Teacher, a core group of students explore creative writing and theatre to highlight the issues they are facing--leading to increased trust in the school community, more empathy and confidence. No prior drama or creative writing experience needed!

Leadership Skills

Students gain leadership and peer mediation skills to become Social-Emotional Wellness Ambassadors for your campus!

Strong Curriculum Connections

Common Core Connections

National Arts Standards

Social/Emotional Learning

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